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FSBO activity is at its highest since the 2007 fiasco! Both the sell-side and the buy-side. So, if you are selling and want to remain competitive with local MLS activity or if you are purchasing from a FSBO and do not want to get caught with your pants down as so many did in 2007!

Unlike 99% of appraisers, we consult with you, not just give you three of the most recent, "historical sales". Active listings play a very large part of the process and can not be ignored. You will have the information you need when it comes time to negotiate with the buyer or seller.

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If you decide not to contact us, please be sure to use the services of an appraiser that has been Certified for at least 10 years, preferably 15 or more in order for them to have recession experience, and had a sales/broker license in order for them to understand both sides of the equation. This is very, very, "Important"!

Looking for a riverfront vacation home near Asheville NC where you can fish, swim, and enjoy a drink on your very own little private beach, call 727-712-0555 or email for additional details.

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How do we save time and maintain competitive fees without cutting corners on quality? The answer is: Technology.  And first and foremost, we are aware of the importance of customer service.  Also, we treat our customers like we prefer to be treated ourselves whether we're meeting face to face, having a phone conversation or communicating online in e-mail.  The end result is simply a superior experience for our customers.   Let us prove to you why Associated Appraisal Group, Inc. is the appraisal firm for you. Call us today.

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